The loving kindness meditation script that inspired ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles.’

Meditation Script

The loving kindness meditation script that inspired the book ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles.’
Find a quiet spot.
Take 3 deep dragon breaths.
Breathe in and out
Breathe in and out.
Breathe in and out.
Feeling calm.

Imagine your heart beating inside of you.
Put your hand on your heart and feel it pumping.
Can you make a heart shape with your hand? (Heart shape, a circle, a fist shape etc.)
Bring that heart shape towards you and breathe in and as you breathe out push it away.
Bring your hands towards you, breath in, push your heart shape away from you and breathe out, and again. Place your hands down.

Can you imagine your heart pumping?
One of those things that your heart is pumping is love to the world and yourself. Your heart is such an important organ.

Now think about Jake’s bubbles. Who likes bubbles? Imagine having a bubble container in your hand and a wand. You are going to blow a big bubble. Breathing in and gently out, start blowing that bubble. Every time you blow out imagine the bubble getting bigger and bigger.

Think of someone you love, someone that makes you feel happy, imagine their face and their smile. Think of all the things that you love about that person. Maybe it’s how they laugh, how they make you feel, or when they make you laugh. Every time you have a nice thought about them, imagine that your bubble is getting even bigger.
Continue breathing in and out. Each time you blow out, that bubble is getting bigger and bigger with all your happy thoughts and feelings filling your heart.

Now that the bubble is so big, it is time to let it go. With your hand gently push the bubble away and watch that huge bubble rising higher and higher into the sky.
That bubble is going to go now to that person that you were thinking about. Imagine that bubble bouncing off them gently and imagine that person smiling as he or she feels your loving thoughts.

Now the bubble is breaking into lots of small bubbles.
Let’s send those bubbles to other people, maybe people you know and when it touches them they are going to feel those loving thoughts and it will make them smile too.

Now imagine that the bubbles are touching people all around. All of them are now smiling.

Now you need to help those bubbles travel around the world. So you are going to breath in and do a big breath out.
Again and again…as you blow those bubbles around the world everyone is touched and they are smiling as they feel those loving thoughts

Put your hand on your heart.
Imagine that bubble is touching you, maybe it feels cool and a bit wet. Feel a lovely smile on your face. Feel the corners of your mouth lifting and feeling oh so happy, and oh so calm as you spread that love to everyone in the world including yourself.

Now wriggle your feet and your toes and do a big stretch.

Other Activities:

Gratitude Breath

Close your eyes and picture someone that you like or love very much.

Can you see their face?

Can you see their smile?

Now as you breathe in imagine that person, and as you blow out imagine blowing them a big thank you for being in your life.
Breathe in again and imagine that person in your head and blow them a big smile.
Breathe in again and blow them the biggest smile ever.
Now they are blowing you a big smile back.

How does that feel?

Wish Breath
Think of a person you like or love. How do they look? What is their hair like? What are their eyes like? Are they tall or short?

Breathe in and when you breathe out send them a wish.
It might be a wish for them to be happy or to laugh a lot or for them to be healthy.

Breathe in and as you breathe out send a wish to yourself.
It might be that dad cooks your favourite food tonight or that it will rain tomorrow. 

Now breathe in and send a wish to all your friends.

Loving kindness and Gratitude Meditation
There are many benefits of practising loving kindness meditations and gratitude meditations with the children in your lives. Practising these types of meditations with children regularly helps them to be calmer and gets them to understand the power of their thoughts and their actions. The meditations also help them to see their role in sending positivity into the world. Other benefits include children being more grateful and positive towards other people as well as themselves.

Ideally before bedtime, practice a meditation with your child or a breathing exercise and discuss what you are grateful for. A great way to end the day on a positive note and for them to be calm before they go to bed.

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