Loving-Kindness Meditation For Children

2020 has been quite a year and what is definitely needed is a good sprinkle of kindness and compassion. ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind,’ anon. As parents, you can play your role in raising kind and compassionate children, surely one of the most desired characteristics that parents want for the next generation.

by Michelle Arscott

Bedtime Story- Its Importance & How To Make The Most Of It!

Where can you hop to the future, skip to the past, stand in the shoes of legends, face giants, be an astronaut or laugh and cry? Where can you enjoy an adventure with your child, without even leaving your child’s bedroom? Why through the magical world of books!

by Michelle Arscott

Jake is bored. What can he do? He finds the unexpected answers in his garden. Join Jake on his amazing adventure with unexpected results.

by Michelle Arscott, an award winning adult and kids life coach.

Preschool Mindfulness

by Michelle Arscott