Michelle Arscott

Michelle Arscott started her professional life as a primary school teacher in the UK. She ended up advising teachers about how to teach Literacy (reading and writing) in a creative way and eventually did this internationally. Reading and writing has always been her passion.

My Story

Michelle Arscott officially started her writing career as a parental columnist for the Gulf Times magazine Society providing tips to raise emotionally intelligent children. She has also written articles for Time-Out Doha and Doha Mums Magazine. Michelle now writes regularly for H&S online magazine and MomBoss magazine on ways that adults and families can keep mentally healthy.

During the long summer holidays when she was a child and her parents were working, she would always have her nose in a book. The public library was one of her favourite places to go. She was thrilled by all of the fiction books that she could take home and lose herself in. Michelle loved the escapism of books and being able to step into someone else’s shoes, to be able to travel around the world without leaving her bedroom, and travel through time and across worlds simply by opening a book – the only limits being her imagination.

Michelle’s love of reading naturally transferred into a love of writing stories. Michelle not only loves writing, she also loves things connected with writing. If you go to her house, you will find new pens and notebooks of varying sizes just waiting to be used.

Michelle always knew that there was a book or two in her, (more books to follow in 2021, watch this space!) In preparation for this she attended children’s book writing courses over the years, read books on children’s book authorship, and attended creative writing classes.

Michelle would never have predicted that at the age of 46, while a mum of two energetic boys, a wife, doing online schooling, and coaching adults and kids during a global pandemic in Kenya, that her book ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles’ would be born. But then again, maybe it wasn’t a coincidence. Perhaps it was indeed the perfect time, as the world needs ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles’ more than ever now – a world where one needs to appreciate the simple small things and spread love and joy to others. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone did this!

The idea for the book came to Michelle while she was studying for her internationally accredited Mindfulness for Children and Teachers course, which was delivered by the delightful and knowledgeable Elizabeth Mulhane in August of 2020. One of the assignments was to write a loving kindness meditation or gratitude meditation for 2-5 years old. ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles’ came out of the loving kindness meditation that Michelle wrote.

Michelle is also ‘The International Life Coach’ and ‘The International Kids Life Coach’. She coaches adults and kids to be the best version of themselves and to lead their best lives. She uses mindfulness techniques in her coaching. Mindfulness supports a person to have a calm and positive mindset. Mindfulness means to be in the current moment without judgement, to be in the now. It helps you to be more aware of your senses, your environment, and to be grateful and think of others.

Michelle Arscott

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